The Lamb of Wall Street is now ready to beat The Wolf of Wall Street on your smartphone. CorpOnline Company Today Launches the First Investor Education and Entertainment App “The Lamb of Wall Street”

Presenting a Taste of Wall Street’s Wild Life to Main Street

March 1st, 2015

NEW YORK, March 1st – CorpOnline company is excited to announce that its “The Lamb of Wall Street” video game is now available on both iOS and Android platforms. Tablet and mobile gamers are finally able to fulfill their aspirations to beat the wolf of Wall Street, after a year-long waiting.

With real-time market data and tangible rewards, “The Lamb of Wall Street” allows gamers to trade risk-free with in-game money and credits, eschew Wall Street jargons, and compete against the Wolf of Wall Street, all in one game.

“While financial trading is still a niche slice of the $15 billion mobile gaming industry, we see the future and are proud to be one of the first movers,” said Lijie Zhu, says Lijie Zhu, Managing Director of Dragon Gate Investment Partners, the parent company of CorpOnline.

Gamers start as the Lamb, completing tasks against the Wolf, picking stocks, and watching their portfolio grow on a map. From penny stocks to Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK.A), from Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU) to Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), all that are available to Wall Street are now available to main street.

“The Lamb of Wall Street” app is now available for $4.99

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