Wall Street
Lamb Game
The Lamb Of Wall Street
The Wolf Of Wall Street
Role Playing Game

The Story of the Lamb

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Mary had a little lamb who… cut out of that small, farming town and moved to New York City.
She wanted what all lambs want: a golden fleece.
The first character she met was an old Wolf.
She followed him to work one day…


The Story of the Wolf

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The Wolf trained new hires in his way “right off the farm”, so to speak.
He gave her a job, daily tasks, and the skills to buy and sell.
Over time, she learned the tricks, trounced the other farm animals, and found her true calling.
She became….


The Story of Danny Day

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Danny Day was once a casual day trader who bought and sold stocks at home.
At long last he finally decided to step out and get into an office.
With his day trading experience, he starts his Wall Street adventure at Wolf Securities.


The Story of Sharp Sally

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Sally is an outgoing peppy girl who seems to love trying new things.
After seeing her friends getting into stocks, she decides to have a go at Wall Street.
She applies to Wolf Securities and has no idea what to expect!


The Story of the Shark

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Starting as a little fish in the sea, the Shark eventually grew a bigger appetite and decided to have a bigger bite out of the world.
Desperately wanting to sink his teeth into a satisfying career, the Shark targets Wall Street!
He starts his grand feast at Wolf Securities. 


The Story of Patient Patty

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A quiet girl who studied hard, Patty chose working hard over having a social life.
After Patty heard that Wall Street was an ideal place for hard workers with no time for friends, she did her research and decided to have a go at Wall Street through Wolf Securities.


The Story of the Prince

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Born from a rich family background, the Prince had been exposed to a lifetime of family riches, that is, until his father lost his family fortune at an unfortunate downturn.
The Prince decides he won’t make the same mistake that his father had made and decides to build his fortune at Wall Street.
The Prince decides to start at Wolf Securities.

"Working" Environment

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